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Treasure Trove Raspberry Kiss

Treasure Trove Raspberry Kiss

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Raspberry Kiss Treasure Trove - Celebrate a Special Occasion, 1 kit, (Kama Sutra)

This beautiful gift set fully embraces the delight of a single luscious flavor ~ vine-ripened raspberries. Now in a new decorative gift box, your offering never looked so good! Show someone how much you care with the deliciously kissable Raspberry Kiss Oil of Love, Stimulating Pleasure Balm and Honey Dust body powder with feather applicator. This is the perfect gift for a special occasion or in celebration of your love. 
Set contains full sizes of:

  • Kama Sutra Raspberry Kiss Oil of Love
  • Raspberry Kiss Honey Dust with feather applicator
  • Raspberry Kiss Stimulating Pleasure Balm



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